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Capturing the attention of new paying customers can be difficult for towing companies. Our company is committed and fitted to deliver quality paying customers quickly and easily.  As experts in customer procurement and specialized in the niche market of towing, we guarantee you an efficient way to gain almost instant access to paying clients. Digital Towing Solutions, Your #1 Towing Marketing Agency, is able to provide outstanding customer leads for your towing business. We quickly and easily identify qualified customers before you ever go out on a single call, saving you time, money, and frustration. Our towing marketing services alleviate the stress of marketing, and instead allow you to focus on your business.

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Our clients appreciate our proactive approach to client procurement. We help your business thrive, while allowing you a healthier work-life balance and a bolstered bottom line. Save yourself the time, the stress, and the aggravation of marketing, and allow us to drive the business right to your door.

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You run a towing company.  We understand towing clients.  Our marketing team is focused on delivering quality calls and customers to your dispatcher efficiently and reliably, using our cutting-edge online marketing techniques. Digital Towing Solutions is able to harness the power of data and mathematics to identify paying customers and delivering their business directly to you.

Our towing marketing solutions provide your business access to potential customers who are most likely to pay for services, boosting your revenues and eliminating your frustration.  No more deadbeat calls, no more frustration, and no more collections. As specialized creative marketing agents focused exclusively on the towing industry, we are able to provide great leads, higher profits, and better outcomes for our clients and their customers.  Our success rate for our clients is second to none, and our clients boast an ROI that is hard to beat.

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Mobile marketing is the way to the future

Mobile marketing is the way to the future, and if your business doesn’t have a well laid out plan for mobile users, your business is likely to fall behind.  Businesses who do not have a customized marketing campaign directed towards mobile users are more likely to fail in the next five years, and businesses who are not focused on improving their local SEO on Google are less likely to succeed in the next two to three years.

95% of all mobile searches in the United States are conducted through Google, with nearly 47% of those searches focused on local businesses. (April 2019) The numbers don’t lie:  If you want your business to be seen and succeed, you need to ensure your business has targeted, intentional, and effective SEO (search engine optimization), as well as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads), Google My Business, Google Local Services, and ideally, Facebook.

Maximizing your towing marketing campaigns

Maximizing your towing marketing campaigns in the digital world is a necessity for long term success.  Effectively utilizing these venues takes time, experience, and a detailed understanding of digital marketing trends. Digital Towing Solutions provides targeted and effective digital marketing campaigns that ensure your towing business is seen and qualified customers are connecting with you. Our knowledge and know-how for towing marketing will allow you to maximize your profits and focus your energies where they really belong: Towing.

26% of global marketing budgets are being wasted on ineffective channels and strategies


It´s simple, we’re a small agency. It´s more likely for us to care about our customers than other big agencies do. And to be honest, it takes 20 seconds on Google to find the next towing company that got ripped off by a Marketing Agency. We care about your business, the whole time. As we’re small, it´s not possible for us to work with everyone. We think, that we can just deliver the best results if the work attitude on both sides, our clients and ours is high priority.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile friendly website design seems to be the toughest point for other agencies. At Digital Towing Solutions, we know your customers. We know where they are, and most importantly, we know how to direct them to your company effectively and efficiently through mobile first marketing campaigns. The reason to choose us is even more simple:  Our singular focus is on marketing and client procurement for the towing industry.  Unlike other marketing agencies who deliver a one-size-fits-all solution to a wide gamut of businesses, Digital Towing Solutions are solely focused on marketing for towing companies and their clients. We believe that by working exclusively with one industry, we are able to maintain a deep understanding of our clients needs, and thereby able to deliver first class results every time.

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At Digital Towing Solutions, we have no setup fees, no false promises, and no locked-in contracts.  What you will get is customized service, a positive attitude, and outstanding results.  Bring your local towing company out of the stone-age and into the digital-age with Digital Towing Solutions.

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